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Watching from afar

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Watching from afar

Post by Scathan on Thu Nov 30, 2017 10:51 pm

Upon finishing up the summit he had with his other two Ultimates, Scathan found himself outside the place the summit was held and in being outside he was face to face with the grand view of the mountains that stretched as far as the eyes could see and yet he felt conflicted. He felt this way because a part of him really wanted to help the people during their impending doom that was still not too far away and also not that close, yet he couldn't do that because the votes were already in favor of not helping the people and to let them grow from the doom.

It was a very grim picture that he couldn't remove from his head and it was something that he saw more than he'd have liked to, but during all of this, he felt an even deeper sadness because he knew that the only reason this planet was going to suffer was because of him. This was why he couldn't tell Chusin and BriniaSona anything about himself because if they found out and knew that he was the cause of all of this they might have done something or maybe not, the answer to that was unknown.

After being outside for a while he managed to see that he was both a cure and a virus and there was only one way to fix this problem and that was to remove the part of him that would soon bring the downfall of the planet. So with all of his power, he stabbed a hole within himself and removed both his light and his darkness; both of which were one during the time he removed them and without a second thought he split the light and the dark in two. While the light he placed back into himself, the darkness he banished to another plane altogether so that what he knew would happen wouldn't.

"I hope that this works and the world won't have to suffer."

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Re: Watching from afar

Post by Goetia on Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:14 pm

The moment Scathan cast aside his own darkness was the moment he himself started the beginning of the end for the people of this world. Once the darkness was sent to another plane altogether, it would start to act out as if angry that it was the one that had to be shunned and treated like garbage. During the acting out the darkness would start to take on a shape of its own and would start to develop thoughts and a voice and so on.

Once enough time had passes (A few minutes) the darkness would have its own body made out of darkness, its voice was still being worked on, its thinking pattern to was still being worked on. It was as clear as day that the darkness wasn't fully grown yet, but it was grown enough to remove itself from the plane it was sent to which it started to do.

"I will be free and you will know pain."

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