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Character stuff!

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Character stuff!

Post by Chusin on Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:46 am

You are your characters molder

Your account on this forum, from name to gender to age and even interests, is completely synonymous with your character. This is not to say that there are no opportunities to show your out-of-character self, as we have several forums specifically for that. Also, it is perfectly acceptable to register more than one account if you have more than one character to roleplay, so long as you manage to keep up with each of them simultaneously. The only place where your account can represent another character is in the case where two of your characters are in the same thread.

Maintain Your Characters Abilities, Weapons, and Profile. Everyone changes and learns new things, so do your characters. So keeping your characters power/ability lists and Character Profiles up to date is a good thing to do. Remember to post the updates as a new message so that an admin or mod can look them over before you start spamming the heck outta them in battle.

Here are a few good things to have on your character profile.






Skin Colour:

Eye Colour:

Hair Colour:


Other Unique Physical Features:



Those are the basics of what you should have when making a character; now if you want to leave things out that is also fine since not everyone is a master writer and storyteller, so as long as you can at least do most of these things you're good. You should at least have a short Bio, even if its simply saying your character lost their memory.

One energy for everyone

All energy comes from the same place, so you only have one type of energy regardless of what you name it and make it do, its still energy at the end of the day. No one's energy is better than anyone else's so there's nothing to worry about.


Once you die you're dead, period point blank. I don't care who or what you are, once you die you're gone unless someone nekros you back and still you won't be anything other than whoever resurrected you back save.

Ranks are power and power is rank

Your rank is your states in the world and a way for people to tell just how strong you are. You can increase your rank by doing takes and showing growth over a period of time. So if you do 10 takes for someone of higher rank and they see that you've grown from what you've learned they can, by all means, rank you up, but only to the next rank above your own.

Your rank also determines your power control and what you can and can't do. If you're a lower level than you won't be able to do much or control much since you're fresh out the gate so don't try and form a ball of energy or fly to the moon right out the gate haha. You can look at it this way; you don't play a game at max rank and you can't use every ability or power in said game till you level up. So think of it that way The more you level up the more you can do and the most stuff you'll be able to do.

Ranks number from 7 to 1. 7 being the weakest and 1 being the strongest.

Rank and battles

Long story short, don't fight someone of higher rank because you will lose regardless of what you do and why is because that person of that rank has had more training than you and is in way better control of their powers and has more than likely masted those abilities.

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Re: Character stuff!

Post by Chusin on Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:40 am

Character transfer

If you wish to bring one of your already made characters from another website you may do so, but do be noted that your character will not start over from the bottom. So don't assume that you're bringing a power character over here without having to work for that.


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