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The Kings Set

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The Kings Set

Post by Chusin on Wed Nov 29, 2017 3:13 am

Divine Gates Of The Kings

D.G.O.T.K is the absolute pinnacle of all things that are, will, should, can, have been and will come to pass. The gates themselves contain all the things of Man such as every and any weapon, books, objects and so on. Anything that was used by man is within the gates, this applies to magic based items, guns, etc. If it was a thing then it's within the gates themselves; however, this is just a small part of what's truly within the gates.

The gates also hold any and all heavenly weapons and magic and so on, this also applies to demonic weapons and magic as well. The gates are more or less a pathway or rather a look into all things that will be regardless if they even existed or not.

However, the gates are not for war purposes or even fighting for that matter, they're more of a means to help those who aren't yet able to do it for themselves. For example, if a small village doesn't have the means to make electricity than that's where the gates come it since they hold everything and being having everything the village would have accuses to the needed material to make electricity.

The Kings Key

The Kings Key is the only means one has to open the Devine Gates Of The Kings. This key is on Chusin's person at all times, even though she herself doesn't need the key to access the gates, she does still use it since it gives others the impression that without it she can't do anything.



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